Are you seeking a delicious and nutritious seafood option that will please your palate and support your well-being? Look no further than tilapia, the highly approachable fish that combines exceptional taste with a wealth of health benefits.

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  • Premium flavor: Tilapia is a highly versatile white fish with a mild, clean flavor.
  • Clean supply chain: VALIA has lasting partnerships with BRC certified processors at the source.
  • Sustainable: BAP certified product.
  • Farming method: Tilapia is one of the most efficient farmed proteins due to their high feed conversion ratio; environmental impacts are minimized using recirculatory aquaculture systems.
  • Quick and Convenient: Tilapia fillets cook fast, ideal for time-conscious individuals.
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1 lb Tilapia Fillet Pouch Bag

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1 lb Tilapia Fillet Skinpack

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2 lb Tilapia Fillet Pouch Bag

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  • Pack: IQF 1lb or 2 lb bag, 1 lb skin pack, or bulk
  • COO: China
  • Species: Oreochromis aureus
  • Form: fillets (4oz)
  • Harvest: Farm raised
  • Trim: Regular or deep skinned
  • Treatment: CO treated or untreated
  • Additives: All-natural or light STPP
  • Brand: Oomega or Private Label
  • Certifications: BRC & BAP available

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5 lb Tilapia Fillet

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10 lb Master Box

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