Wild Caught Squid

Look no further for your source of a wide variety of squid offerings. This remarkable cephalopod offers a myriad of culinary possibilities that will ignite your imagination and tantalize your taste buds. With its tender and succulent texture, squid delivers a delightful mouthfeel that bursts with oceanic flavors.

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  • Premium flavor: Todarodes squid has a mild, subtle sweet taste with a firm and meaty texture; the meat has an opaque white color.
  • Clean supply chain: Wild caught in waters off China and Japan, products are landed in China for processing where they’re packed and shipped direct to order.
  • Catch method: Using large lights to draw squid towards the surface, boats use mid-water trawl nets and jigs to harvest squid from surface waters at night.
  • Convenient assortment: Rings, tube, tentacles, steaks, and specialty cuts support a wide variety of customer needs for different applications.
  • Great value: Cuts well against other species of squid for a fraction of the price and full range of specs.
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1 lb Squid Rings Pouch Bag

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1 lb Squid Tubes & Tentacles Pouch Bag

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  • Pack: IQF 1 lb bag or bulk
  • COO: China
  • Species: Todarodes pacificus
  • Form: Rings or tubes & tentacles
  • Harvest: Wild caught
  • Additives: All-natural or light STPP
  • Brand: Oomega or Private Label
  • Certifications: BRC available

Food Service

5 lb Squid Rings

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10 lb Squid Rings Master Box

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10 lb Tubes & Tentacles Master Box

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