Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi)

Prepare for a culinary journey that celebrates the epitome of flavor and texture with yellowfin tuna. Also known as ahi, it is renowned for its clean tuna flavor and firm, buttery flesh. Ecuadorian yellowfin is particularly recognized for its quality due to the rich waters from which it is harvested and the fishing methods used to reduce stress on the fish.

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  • Premium flavor: Yellowfin tuna has a firm texture and milder flavor than other tuna due to its lower oil content, making it perfect for raw and searing applications.
  • Clean supply chain: Fish are held fresh on ice while at sea and processed at BRC certified plants directly upon landing.
  • Sustainable: MSC certified product available; Ecuador and Vietnam’s vision to maintain very high quality and traceability standards for yellowfin makes them a regional benchmark as defined by the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (CIAT).
  • Catch method: Wild harvest using purse seines minimizes bycatch and allows undersized yellowfin to escape.
  • Packaged for quality: IVP packaging protects steaks, loins, and cubes from freezer burn and oxidation without the use of chemicals, preserving its natural flavor and texture.
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12 oz Tuna Steak Pouch Bag

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24 oz Tuna Steak Pouch Bag

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  • Pack: IVP 12oz or 24oz bag, or bulk
  • COO: Vietnam
  • Species: Thunnus albacares
  • Form: Steaks (6oz)
  • Harvest: Wild caught
  • Trim: A Grade, well trimmed & skinless
  • Treatment: CO treated or untreated
  • Additives: All-natural
  • Brand: Oomega or Private Label
  • Certifications: MSC & BRC available

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5 lb Tuna Steak

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10 lb Master Box

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